Migrating Reporting Services reports to SharePoint


I had a call last week from an old client who wanted to transfer all their reports from SSRS (Reporting Services) to SharePoint. Basically, the goal was to take the reports from 4 different web server and insert them in SharePoint. By doing this, they were going to get all the benefits from the SharePoint security and have a place more user friendly for their employees to consult report.

Here are the steps that I took to make this :

1- I installed a new SSRS instance with the SharePoint Integration Mode (see : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb326356.aspx)
2- I installed a new SharePoint Foundation (2010) server to deploy all my reports
3- I created 3 document library inside SharePoint, one for each major application that uses reports
4- I activated the Reporting Service Integration feature inside SharePoint
5- I added the 3 content types (Report Server Model, Report Server Report, Report Server DataSource) and deleted the default Document Content Type

That's it, I had everything setup to start the migration of my reports inside SharePoint. Actually, I thought I had everything... How could I move those 200 reports inside my new SharePoint site without doing the whole thing manually?

First of all, I was able to find all the reports on my client Team Foundation Server. They were managing version history with it. Ok, so I have all my reports in a Folder based structure. What can I do with this?

I've tried to open my list with the Windows Explorer view but, after "calculating" for 5 minutes, it started the upload and then crash. What a mess... With the multiple upload feature, I was not able to import more than 100 reports at once. Not that bad... But what about the meta data on those reports? I wanted to put some categories / Application name / module name / etc. properties. By using one of the methods above, I would have to modify every report manually to set those properties? I like spending hours with SharePoint, but not doing properties edition!!!

I finally decide to use the SharePoint migration tool of Sharegate to move all my reports to their new location. With few clicks, I was able to create 3 property templates (one for each list) and transfer all my reports from my desktop (a getlatest from the TFS server) to my 3 libraries inside SharePoint. As simple as that! This tool save me a lot of time (and my client a lot of money). Thanks to Sharegate!


Reports from my desktop on the left and my destination list on the right

Reports from my desktop on the left and my destination list on the right


Defining a property template to copy my reports

  All my documents are now in my destination

Migration. Security. Reporting.
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Sébastien Leduc
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