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Sorry, I'm a little bit late for this third weekly tip. We just released Sharegate 2.7 and we now fully support SharePoint converting content types while migrating files, items and folders. I will show you how in this article.


This week, I will show you how to convert folder and document content types while migrating to SharePoint 2010. Why would I convert my content types? Why not? For an unknown reason, you decided to change the content type names and you added a few fields.

In this article, I will be using the Copy SharePoint documents tool. This Sharegate tool allows users to easily copy documents with the metadata, the version history and the author.

SharePoint 2007 (source)

Original content type name: Employment contract

Content type 2007   Content type columns SharePoint 2007

SharePoint 2010 (destination)

New content type name: Employment

New field: RelatedTags (Managed Metadata Column)

Content type 2010   Content type columns SharePoint 2010

Step 1 - Remap SharePoint content types with the content type mapper

The content type mapper shows the source content types and we must assign the destination content types to each one (it automatically maps when the name is the same).

In our case, I drag & drop the "Employment" content type and assign it to the "Employment contract" content type. I then save it.

Remap content types

The same process can be done with the "Folder" content types. In our case, I drag & drop the "Contract Folder" content type and assign it to "Folder" content type. This means that my original standard folders will be transformed to contract folders while migrating to SharePoint 2010.

Remap folder folder content types

Step 2 - Remap SharePoint fields with the property mapper.

The property mapper shows the destination fields and we must assign the source fields to each one (it automatically maps when the name is the same).

In our case, I drag & drop the "Employee" and "Date" fields and assign then to the "Related employee" and "Signed date" fields respectively. I then save it.

Remap SharePoint columns

Step 3 - Copy your documents and folders

That's it. I'm ready to copy my documents and folders. I simply configure a property template and start a copy.

SharePoint Migration Progress


In this weekly tip, I've shown how to convert content types while migrating from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. The same process could also be used to convert the document content types within the same site or library for reorganization purposes. The new content type mapper introduced with Sharegate 2.7 is dead simple and enables amazing migration scenarios.

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