Clean up the mess made in SharePoint by your users. Do It Now
by Nathalie Jard
Nathalie Jard

Sharegate at the SharePoint Summit Quebec and Toronto

Come meet us at the SharePoint Summit in Québec and Toronto on April 16-18th and May 14-16th!

SharePoint Summit 2012 Quebec and Toronto

Come see the product, try it out and ask us questions. See why so many people across the globe are downloading Sharegate and giving such great feedback. A lot has changed with Sharegate since it first started.

Our friendly NO-BRAINER product has allowed companies migrate their content intelligently by mapping properties and content types as they migrated. Integrity of their data was kept because we allowed them to keep Authors and Timestamps like the last date modified as they moved items and documents over.

We can’t wait to share with you some of our new tools like the Bulk Metadata Editor in person at the conferences!

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by Nathalie Jard
Nathalie Jard
10 reasons why
your SharePoint migration failed
by Benjamin Niaulin  Microsoft MPV
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