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by Geneviève Mérat
Genevieve Merat

The Sharegate team is off to Miami!

After Las Vegas in 2011 and New York in 2012, the Sharegate team just learned where this year challenge will take them. Indeed, Sharegate’s CEO and Product Director Simon De Baene presented to the team this amazing video which included clues about the warm and sunny destination our geeks will have the chance to visit at the end of November. Have a look at our video:

Have you guessed where the plane is going to take our Montreal crew? Destination South Beach, Miami! This announcement made more than one dream. After another big year at the Sharegate offices, Simon De Baene wanted to thank his team and let them know what a great job they’ve done in the last year. After all, it took a lot of work from the geeks to bring Sharegate where it is today: The simplest SharePoint Migration tool on the market. Therefore Sharegate undertakes to cover a part of the cost of the trip for everyone.

Wait a minute! It won’t be that easy. If they want to see the price of the trip go down, the team will have to work for it. To make it happen, our geeks will have to realize different missions through the new product signed GSoft (the creators of Sharegate): Officevibe.


Officevibe is an interactive platform that will come and revolutionise the work atmosphere of every company that will implement it. Officevibe as one purpose: encourage and support the corporate culture, a critical element to the success of any business. The way of doing it is by asking the team to realize weekly challenges in 5 categories: wellness, productivity, social, environment, generosity.


It took our geeks about 10 seconds after the announcement to download the new app. The entire team was on their phone, ready to start completing their first challenge. After barely 24 hours, Officevibe is now part of the daily routine.
Sharegate crew on Officevibe

Start using Officevibe at your work place by visiting the brand new website. You can also find Officevibe on the Apple App Store and on Yammer applications.

Who, in our team, will complete the highest number of missions and therefore be our top scorer? Follow the progress of our team on our Facebook page.

by Geneviève Mérat
Genevieve Merat
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