Site Collection Administrator Access in Sharegate Online

Site Collection Administrator Access in Sharegate Online


We're happy to announce Sharegate Online’s newest addition - Site Collection Administrator access!


Security for All

When it comes to something as important as the security of your environments, there shouldn’t be just one person in charge. This isn't a task for a lone gatekeeper. Even the best of us have off days and busy schedules, so slip-ups aren’t only possible, they're downright probable. Security is important for everyone, so let’s share the responsibility, let’s democratize security.

And no, we're not suggesting giving everyone access to your alerts (that would be as bad as having no security at all), we're suggesting giving the right people access.

This is where Site Collection Administrators come in. When it comes to the security of a Site Collection, who is better to monitor it than the Administrator in charge of it?

A Numbers Game

Global Administrators are very busy people. They need to monitor One Drive for Business, Office 365 Groups, which external users were added to what (“hey – did Bob just share our roadmap with a competitor?!”), all while keeping up with their day-to-day tasks.

Now add Site Collection level stuff on this already extensive list of things to monitor. Keep in mind how many Site Collections one enterprise can have.  

After a while, it becomes too many alerts to track, too many emails to get through. I sort of see it like playing as a goalie in a hockey game with 12 pucks in play and no defensemen on your team. In summary, it’s a game you're bound to lose.

On to a New Era

With Site Collection Administrator access in Sharegate Online, everyone contributes to keeping your environments safe. Global Administrators can focus on the overview, while the Site Collection Administrator can hone into the specifics of content and Site Collection permissions. You're putting the security of the Site Collection into the hands of the person who will best know the difference between a normal occurrence, and something that should be flagged as a threat.

How Does It Work?

If Global Administrators have already granted access to Sharegate Online to their tenant, Site Collection Administrators just need to sign-in. We automatically detect that you’re a Site Collection Administrator and give you the ability to monitor the following alerts:

  • Content shared with external users
  • Content shared or accessed through anonymous links
  • External user added to SharePoint group
  • External user added as a Site Collection Administrator
  • Subsite created

If you aren’t sure about your permissions, you now have full visibility through the new profile page that summarizes what you have access to, tells you general information like your admin address, and even lets you change the email that alerts are being sent to.

Sharegate Online Profile Page

When there’s security for all, it’s a win-win!

The only thing left to do is sign into Sharegate Online now and try it out for yourself. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think in the comments! 

Alexandra Gifuni
Alexandra Gifuni @sharegatetools

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