Life Should be Just Damn Simple

We solve real-life problems to make your work easier.

Sharegate is a product made by Montreal-based software development firm GSOFT. At GSOFT, we truly believe that simplicity and happiness are key, and we strive to deliver both to our clients, and to our team.

Since Sharegate's first line of code was written in 2009, the team has grown from 5 to 90. With each new addition, our company's culture has taken on a life of its own. We're really good at what we do, because we love what we do.

Our software is designed with the same simplicity and happiness-driven attitude. With over 10,000 clients across 90 countries, Sharegate has grown to be the leader in SharePoint & Office 365 management around the world.

2011 - Sharegate is shut down and re-built.

Sharegate is shut down and re-built.

We made the tough decision to turn our backs on 2 years of work, and a one million dollar investment.

2015 - We hit 1M$ in monthly revenue.

We hit 1M$ in monthly revenue.

In order to celebrate this achievement, the team went on a weekend getaway to New York City.

2016 - We open our new offices.

We open our new offices.

Our new digs are designed with employee wellness in mind: skate ramp, coffee bar, and more.

Meet the Team

Justin Adamo
Justin Adamo Partner Program Manager
Alexandre Arpin
Alexandre Arpin Full Stack Developer
Alexandre Asselin
Alexandre Asselin Full Stack Developer
Yan Beauchamp
Yan Beauchamp Happiness Engineer
Louis Beaudoin-Allaire
Louis Beaudoin-Allaire Full Stack Developer
Jean-Philippe Beaulieu
Jean-Philippe Beaulieu Happiness Engineer
Julien Beaulieu
Julien Beaulieu Marketing Hero
Yohan Belval
Yohan Belval Full Stack Developer
Miguel Bernard
Miguel Bernard Full Stack Developer
Dave Bérubé
Dave Bérubé Recruiter
Sarah Bezeau Gervais
Sarah Bezeau Gervais Happiness Engineer
Olivier Blais
Olivier Blais Marketing Hero
Eric Blanc
Eric Blanc Full Stack Developer
Hugo Boisselle-Morin
Hugo Boisselle-Morin Full Stack Developer
Maxime Boissonneault
Maxime Boissonneault VP of Sales
Marie-Eve Boivin
Marie-Eve Boivin Web Designer
Marie-Joëlle Boivin
Marie-Joëlle Boivin Sales Hero
Kevin Borduas
Kevin Borduas Full Stack Developer
Martin Bouchard
Martin Bouchard Full Stack Developer
Antoine Bousquet
Antoine Bousquet Full Stack Developer
Jean-Luc Brisebois
Jean-Luc Brisebois CMO
Erick Caisse
Erick Caisse Full Stack Developer
Mathieu Caveng
Mathieu Caveng Marketing Hero
Bianca Chamberland
Bianca Chamberland Sales Coordinator
Eric Charest
Eric Charest Agile Coach
Mathieu Cherpenel
Mathieu Cherpenel Full Stack Developer
Paul Cherpitel
Paul Cherpitel Full Stack Developer
Jean Gabriel Crevier
Jean Gabriel Crevier CFO
Yann Dago
Yann Dago Full Stack Developer
Jean-Frédéric Daigneault
Jean-Frédéric Daigneault Sales Coordinator
Megan Danis
Megan Danis Customer Relationship Coordinator
Dominic Danis
Dominic Danis COO
Simon De Baene
Simon De Baene CEO
Jimmy De Santis
Jimmy De Santis Director of Customer Happiness
Mathieu Delisle
Mathieu Delisle Happiness Engineer
Jean-François Deschênes
Jean-François Deschênes Full Stack Developer
Benoit Doyon
Benoit Doyon Full Stack Developer
Olivier Drouin
Olivier Drouin Full Stack Developer
Adam Dubé
Adam Dubé Full Stack Developer
Sarah Dufresne
Sarah Dufresne Recruiter
Maxime Dupras
Maxime Dupras Full Stack Developer
Catherine Emond
Catherine Emond Marketing Hero
Sophie Falciglia
Sophie Falciglia Sales Hero
Gabrielle Faraggi
Gabrielle Faraggi Sales Hero
Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon Full Stack Developer
Mathieu Gascon-Lefebvre
Mathieu Gascon-Lefebvre Full Stack Developer
Samuel Gaudreau
Samuel Gaudreau Full Stack Developer
Maxime Gaudreault-Proulx
Maxime Gaudreault-Proulx Full Stack Developer
Daniel Gauthier
Daniel Gauthier ScrumMaster
Alexandra Gifuni
Alexandra Gifuni Technical Writer
Frédéric Godue
Frédéric Godue Full Stack Developer
Émilie Guimond
Émilie Guimond Full Stack Developer
Mathieu Hetu
Mathieu Hetu VP, Development
Jean-Sebastien Houde
Jean-Sebastien Houde ScrumMaster
Charles-André Huard
Charles-André Huard Full Stack Developer
Gabrielle Jacques
Gabrielle Jacques Sales Hero
Nathalie Jard
Nathalie Jard Product Manager
Marc-Antoine Jette-Leger
Marc-Antoine Jette-Leger Full Stack Developer
Audren Joyeux
Audren Joyeux Salesforce Analyst
Mark Kojima
Mark Kojima Data Analyst
Raphaël Labrie-Dion
Raphaël Labrie-Dion Web Designer
Fanny Lacasse
Fanny Lacasse Videographer & Photographer
Mathieu Lachance
Mathieu Lachance Full Stack Developer
Gabrielle Lafontaine
Gabrielle Lafontaine Marketing Hero
Patrick Lafrance
Patrick Lafrance Full Stack Developer
Julie Laurin
Julie Laurin Happiness Engineer
Louis-Xavier Lavallée
Louis-Xavier Lavallée Product Designer
Dany Lavertu
Dany Lavertu Happiness Engineer
Louis-Philippe Lavoie
Louis-Philippe Lavoie Full Stack Developer
Benoit Lavoie-Lamer
Benoit Lavoie-Lamer Web Developer
Sébastien Leduc
Sébastien Leduc CPO
Marianne Lemay Thibaudeau
Marianne Lemay Thibaudeau Director of Culture & Talent
Guillaume Leverdier
Guillaume Leverdier Marketing Hero
Mia Lohé-Chung
Mia Lohé-Chung Web Designer
Ana Lucia Cuadra
Ana Lucia Cuadra Partners Sales Specialist
Jean-Simon Lyonnais
Jean-Simon Lyonnais Web Developer
David Mainville
David Mainville Full Stack Developer
Jorge Martins
Jorge Martins Marketing Hero
Judith Mathieu
Judith Mathieu Web Designer
Nasser Melhem
Nasser Melhem Partners Sales Specialist
Christian Mérat
Christian Mérat CTO
Genevieve Mérat
Genevieve Mérat Marketing Hero
Niem Michaud Pouw
Niem Michaud Pouw Product Designer
Victor Millette
Victor Millette Happiness Engineer
Frédéric-Simon Mimeault
Frédéric-Simon Mimeault Full Stack Developer
Antoine Moore
Antoine Moore HR Coordinator
Nicholas Morel
Nicholas Morel Sales Hero
Antoine Morin
Antoine Morin Full Stack Developer
Benjamin Niaulin
Benjamin Niaulin Product Evangelist
Michael Noiseux
Michael Noiseux Sales Hero
Isabelle Normand-Dubreuil
Isabelle Normand-Dubreuil QA Analyst
Carl O'Connor
Carl O'Connor Product Manager
Stéphanie Pelland
Stéphanie Pelland Sales Hero
Louis Pellerin
Louis Pellerin Full Stack Developer
Guillaume Petitclerc
Guillaume Petitclerc Marketing Hero
Frédérik Pion
Frédérik Pion Full Stack Developer
Shane Poitras
Shane Poitras Happiness Engineer
Amélie Poulin
Amélie Poulin Marketing Hero
Nicolas Prieur
Nicolas Prieur Marketing Hero
Émie Ratté
Émie Ratté Web Designer
Sebastien Ricard
Sebastien Ricard Barista
Jonathan Rouillard
Jonathan Rouillard Full Stack Developer
Jordan Rowe
Jordan Rowe Sales Hero
Dominic Ruest
Dominic Ruest Full Stack Developer
Alexandre Sanscartier
Alexandre Sanscartier Full Stack Developer
Charles Savaria
Charles Savaria Customer Experience Specialist
Matthy Scott
Matthy Scott Full Stack Developer
Benoit Seguin
Benoit Seguin Full Stack Developer
Edouard Shaar
Edouard Shaar Full Stack Developer
Simon Shaienks-Desrochers
Simon Shaienks-Desrochers Sales Hero
Laurence Simard
Laurence Simard Sales Coordinator
Maxime Soucy
Maxime Soucy Marketing Hero
Laurent St-Pierre
Laurent St-Pierre Partner Program Manager
Benoit Tanguay
Benoit Tanguay Product Designer
Jean-Christophe Tible
Jean-Christophe Tible Customer Experience Specialist
Yvon Ton-That
Yvon Ton-That Full Stack Developer
Hugo Tremblay Ledoux
Hugo Tremblay Ledoux Full Stack Developer
David Truman
David Truman Sales Hero
Louis-Philippe Vallée
Louis-Philippe Vallée ScrumMaster
Joël Vézina
Joël Vézina Happiness Engineer
Caroline Vongkoth
Caroline Vongkoth Happiness Engineer
Simon Wahl
Simon Wahl Marketing Hero

Come Meet Us in Person

We'll be taking part in quite a few North American and European SharePoint conferences throughout the year, so feel free to come meet us if you're there. Meet the people behind the simplest SharePoint Management tool in person!

Upcoming events

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities
SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities May 6th, 2017
Bloomington, Minnesota
Digital Workplace Conference
Digital Workplace Conference May 23rd-24th, 2017
Auckland, New Zealand

Missed one of Benjamin Niaulin's presentations? Find all the slides here!

We've teamed up with Microsoft MVPs to show how complicated life is without Sharegate

Watch the videos

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