Upgrade Your SharePoint Environment with a Migration to SharePoint 2016

Fastest & Easiest Way to Move Your Business to SharePoint 2016
Sharegate simplifies the entire migration process, and allows you to comprehensively manage and monitor your SharePoint 2016 environment.
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Content migration to SharePoint 2016 with Sharegate

Insane Mode: Migrate to SharePoint 2016 at Incredible Speeds

Flip on Sharegate's Insane Mode, then sit back and watch as your migration to SharePoint 2016 completes 10x faster than normal.

Will Sharegate Support My Migration?

Supported Scenario You're Good to Go! You can migrate your environments!
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Limited Scenario Only List Items and Document Migration is supported for this Target.
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Limited Scenario You can export Lists, Libraries, and Sites, and their content. Read More
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Sharegate Fully Supports

Ensure your Environment is Ready for an Error-Free Migration

Sharegate's Pre-Check Report saves you time and hassle by allowing you to scan your environment for errors, and fix them on the spot, before starting your migration.

Are Your Documents Actually Safe? Secure Your SharePoint 2016 Environment

Sharegate's Permissions Matrix Report gives you a clean visual of what users and groups have access to, allowing you to see your entire security structure, and fix any mistakes, before you migrate over to your new environment.

You can also run it any time after your migration is complete to manage permissions on an ongoing basis.

Manage My Permission Structure

Post-Migration Reporting

Make the Right Decisions

Sharegate comes stacked with actionable built-in and customizable reports designed to give you complete control over your new SharePoint 2016 environment, and help you make the right calls.

Post-migration reports

Sharegate's Post-Migration Report gives you a complete list of all migration actions that tell you whether or not your move went according to plan. With insightful hints to help you fix errors, hassle is reduced to zero.

Audit Reports

Sharegate's Audit Report lets you efficiently monitor user actions and events taking place within your SharePoint Sites, all from one clean interface.