Site Collection Hierarchy That Goes beyond 1 Level

Quickly enforce your Governance plan by finding Site Collection hierarchy exceeding a certain amount of subsite depth.


  • Ensure your Governance Plan rules regarding your Site Collection hierarchy are respected
  • Make sure people won't get lost navigating with too many subsite levels
  • Promote best practices and ease of use
Site Collections hierarchy that goes beyond 1 level report results


Fun fact: SharePoint supports up to 250,000 Sites in a single Site Collection.

Less fun fact: These 250k Sites could very well become as many sublevels in your Site Collection if left without any kind of monitoring or control.

Now we realize that this scenario is an unlikely one to happen, but it's not uncommon to see Site Collection hierarchy piling up to 50 sublevels. Now just imagine navigating through that mess for a second. Pretty bad, huh? This is exactly why we created this report, based on our own SharePoint governance plan guidelines. Make sure no one is clogging your environment with infinite subsites labyrinths only he or she knows their way out of.

Identify what Site Collection hierarchy might be troublesome or non-compliant with your arborescence.

In purely technical terms, multiple SharePoint subsites levels isn't a bad thing per say (though not encouraged). But any self-respecting SharePoint Administrator will tell you that the least of these you have, the better it is! It makes navigation, filing, permissions management, and so on much easier.

As always, you can add any column you'd like to the report before running it if you want more information. But by default, we've chosen to give you the SharePoint Site Collection's title, address, and depth. If a Site Collection appears to have a lot of depth (which would suggest lot of activity), a good idea would be to run an audit on it, which can be done by selecting it and "add audit event" within the report. Don't forget that you can also see the Owner of these Site Collections to help you contact them if you need more information, or just to create awesome reports in Excel. The migration features of Sharegate could also be used to promote a subsite to a Site Collection level if relevant.

This report is great for keeping track of what's happening with your Site Collection hierarchy in your environment and get quick inventories.

Find every noncompliant Site Collection exceeding your standards
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