Site Collections with SharePoint Designer Disabled

This report allows you to find all your SharePoint & Office 365 Site Collections where SharePoint Designer is disabled.


  • Limit the possible customization of your SharePoint & Office 365 environments by your power users.
  • Make sure that your production environment is "risk free".
  • Ensure that your branding is coherent across all your Sites around your farms.
  • Validate that all of the Sites in your production environment have SharePoint Designer Disabled.


  • Enable or disable SharePoint Designer on Site Collections
Site Collections with SharePoint Designer disabled report results


SharePoint Designer offers great options to customize or edit almost every element in SharePoint and SharePoint Online. It's really simple for a user to create (or delete!) workflows, configure some basic security settings, change your webpage layouts, or modify your Site's structure.

SharePoint Designer is a very powerful tool, but can be really dangerous if users don't know what they're doing with it. You could end up with Sites with weird colors and branding, inconsistent navigation, or worse, completely broken pages that just can't load! That's bad!

You should limit SharePoint Designer access to your Power Users or SharePoint Administrators who know the consequences of the changes that they're about to make. The old adage "With great power comes great responsibilities" takes all its sense here. This is why a lot of companies don't allow SharePoint Designer at all. But as a SharePoint Administrator, how could you make sure that each and everyone of your Site Collections have SharePoint Designer disabled or enabled?

This report will be of great use to get a list of all Site Collections with SharePoint Designer disabled.

You can modify your search filters in order to get more specific results. Sharegate allows you to add columns to view more information on your Site Collections for each of your search results.

Once you have the perfect list of all your Site Collections, you can choose to whether disable or enable SharePoint Designer for every one of your results, all at the same time! Imagine all the manual operations that you'd have to execute and that are replaced with few mouse clicks in Sharegate.
You could also use Sharegate to validate that all the Site Collections in your production environments have SharePoint Designer disabled. This way, you could design your sites & workflows in your staging environment, and use Sharegate to migrate them to your production environment once ready.

Instantly know what SharePoint Site collections could be tempered with
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