Total of subsites in Site Collections

This report gives you the total of subsite for each one of your Site Collections in your entire farms.


  • Make an inventory of all your Site Collections and get their total of subsites
  • Make sure that your users respect the subsites creation rules and policies established
  • Validate that your end users are making good use of subsites
  • Comply with your governance plan rules


  • Contact the sites owners to make them comply with you rules or father more information
  • Promote your different subsites to Site Collections
Total of subsites in Site Collections report results


Creating subsites in SharePoint and Office 365 can be done easily if users have enough rights, click, click and Subsite!

It can quickly become messy and your end users can forget (or simply ignore) your subsites creation rules. Depending on your organizational needs, these sites may need to be Site Collections instead or kept at a minimum due to features, permissions or other reasons. It's easy to create a Site, but sometimes it could have been easier to create a Page in an existing one.

You may also want to keep a close eye on Site creation around your farms in SharePoint or tenant on Office 365.

It's impossible to have a complete list of all your Site Collections and their total of subsites directly in SharePoint. You would have to open each and every Site Collection to manually count how many they contain, and then keep your total of subsites in an Excel file. Exhausting, time consuming, and clearly not efficient. Of course, you could hire a specialist to code a PowerShell script for you to run once a month, or code it yourself if you're a PowerShell wizard, but this is time consuming and not everyone's a wizard.

This report will give you the list of all your Site Collections with a total count of their subsites.

By default, the search results will give you the title of the Site Collection, the Site Address and the number of subsites for each Site Collection. You're able to modify the filters to narrow your search or add new columns that you want to see in the results, like the Site Collection's description, its owners or its administrators.

Sharegate gives you the possibility to export your search results to Excel and add your results to the Basket for manual editing. If you find subsites that should be site collections instead, it's simple to promote them to a site collection with Sharegate.

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