SharePoint Security: Is Your Data as Safe as You Think?

By displaying all Permissions given across your sites, Sharegate lets you ensure that your users are only accessing what they’re allowed to.

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Ensure Users Have the Right Access

Visualize all User and Group permissions, on all site elements, in one place.

Identify Broken & Custom Permissions

Manage Permissions on all Sites, Lists, Libraries, Documents, and Items that don't inherit from their parents.

Export Security Reports to Excel

Investigate your security report results more closely, by taking them out of SharePoint and into Excel.

Monitor External Sharing

Analyze Office 365 security, and see which documents are being shared with external users: Authenticated, Invited, and Anonymous Guest.
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Manage Office 365 & SharePoint Permissions for Users and Groups

Easily Visualize and Navigate Your Environments to Better Manage Permissions

Whether you're using SharePoint, Office 365, or both in a hybrid scenario, Sharegate's permission and security management tool allows you to preview and edit permissions and access levels on the spot.

Edit Permissions on Multiple Site Collections at the Same Time

Apply the same permissions to several site collections at once, saving you days of work.

Edit Group Membership

Add or remove members from any Groups across multiple sites at the same time.

Add, Remove, and Copy Permissions

Add or remove permissions for any User and Group, or copy permissions from one user to another.

Clean Up Limited Access & Orphaned Users

Remove limited accesses or orphaned users from all your sites in a single action.

Office 365 & SharePoint Security and Permission Reporting Tool

Keep an Eye on Your Environment and Stay in Control

Sharegate's built-in Office 365 & SharePoint security and audit reports give you a comprehensive view of your environment's permission structure, as well as actions taken by your users.

Built-in Audit & Security Reports

Sharegate provides built-in reports to help monitor your permissions and security settings. You can also create your own custom Office 365 & SharePoint security reports and share them with your team.

Custom or Explicit Permissions

Scan your SharePoint or Office 365 environments to find all Documents, Lists, or Sites with custom permissions, or permissions given explicitly to a single user.

Analyze Office 365 Security & External Users

Quickly find and secure all content that is shared with external Users throughout your Office 365 tenants.

Office 365 Instant Alerts

Instantly Know When Something is Shared Externally

Sharegate Online alerts you when a document, a library, a list or a site is shared with an Office 365 External User to avoid sensitive data leaks.

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