Visualize & Work on Your Environment in One Interface

Sharegate’s Explorer is the easiest way to visualize and edit your SharePoint, Office 365 or Hybrid environment all in one place.

Visualize & Drill-Down In Your Environment

Office 365 & SharePoint Security

Ensure Everyone Only Has Access to What They Should

Make Sure Everyone Has Access to What They Should
Sharegate allows you to identify what your users have access to making it easy to manage your permissions and comply with your security rules.
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Fast, Easy, and UNLIMITED Data Migration

Migrate to Any SharePoint or Office 365

Simplify and accelerate your migration projects, even terabyte-sized ones: there's no limit to the amount of data you can migrate with Sharegate. Upgrade to the latest SharePoint version or move your business to the cloud faster and with zero downtime.

Convenient & Accurate Built-In Reporting Templates

30+ Built-In Reports to Stay in Control

Sharegate’s built-in reporting provides actionable insights to stay in control of your environments, administrate settings and manage permissions. Save days completing the complex & repetitive tasks required to comply to your governance plan or to follow best practices.
Stay in Control of My Farms

Office 365 Real Time Alerts

Instant Email Notifications for Important Events

Sharegate Online alerts you when something important is happening in your Office 365 so you stay in control of your Tenant.
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Easy Site Content Management

Manage Your Content

Reorganize your content

Reorganize Your Content

Your business is always evolving, your environments should too. Reorganize your existing SharePoint & Office 365 content whenever you need.

Bulk Edit Your Metadata

Bulk Edit Your Metadata

Clean up and fill out missing metadata in no time to avoid losing documents or empty search results.

Deploy Your Solutions

Deploy Your Solutions

Sharegate migrates everything, making it the perfect tool for SharePoint developers to easily deploy their solutions in production.