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We built the tool with simplicity in mind. We make sure to simplify every task for less hassle, more control, and to save you more time.

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Tesla SharePoint Migration & Management Project with Sharegate Migrating enterprise environments, like Bank of America, to SharePoint 2016 is quick and easy with Sharegate. Nasa is one of many clients that trusts Sharegate with their SharePoint Migration & Management projects Microsoft and Sharegate partner up to offer clients the most powerful SharePoint Management & Migration Tool SpaceX knows Sharegate's SharePoint Migration & Management tool is as powerful as their launching services. Airbus trusts Sharegate when it comes to SharePoint Management & Migration. Harvard University expects only the best, which is why they trust Sharegate's elite SharePoint Management & Migration Tool Warner Bros get creative and efficient SharePoint Migration & Management with Sharegate When it comes to security, Honeywell knows Sharegate offers the best in SharePoint Security Management When it comes to efficiency, Siemens trusts Sharegate's SharePoint 2016 Migration & Management Tool

Office 365 & SharePoint Migration Made Simple

Migrate Everything

Migrate Site Collections, Sites, Subsites, Lists, Libraries, Views, Workflows and more.

No Server Installation

There is no server-side installation and we support SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

Unlimited Migration

We believe a SharePoint migration tool should not be limited. This is why Sharegate allows you to migrate as much data as you want. It's unlimited.

Granular SharePoint Migration

Migrate individual SharePoint Site Collections, Sites, Lists, Content Types, Documents, with a simple drag & drop.

Import to SharePoint

Import your Documents to SharePoint while mass applying the Metadata with Excel.

Export From SharePoint

Export your SharePoint content, and associated metadata, into Excel.