Auditing and Reporting in SharePoint & Office 365

Clear Reports Help You Stay in Control

With Over 30 built-in reports, Sharegate simplifies auditing and reporting in SharePoint & Office 365, saving you time on tedious everyday tasks.

A Simple Solution to the SharePoint Audit Log

Keep an Eye on All Office 365 & SharePoint User Activity

Through a single clean interface, Sharegate's Audit Report displays all important events happening within your environments.

Clear Audit Reports

Sharegate enables the auditing of all important Events happening within multiple Site Collections.

Advanced Filtering Options

Filter results for stats that matter: Users, Dates, Types of events, etc.

Export Audit Results to Excel

Look deeper into data by exporting to Excel, and investigating further.

File Shares & SharePoint Inventory

Find out the Effort Required to Migrate

Get a full overview of your File Shares & SharePoint, as well as a list of potential issues to fix before the migration.

Inventory Your Environments

Get all the important details you need: count of Site Collections, Sites and Workflows, unused Sites, size of your environment, etc.

Clear Estimated Migration Time

Get a clear estimate of the time required to import your File Shares.

Fix Issues Beforehand

Preview all potential errors in order to fix them before you import.

Built-in and Customizable SharePoint & Office 365 Reports

Better Insights for Better Decision Making

Sharegate's built-in Office 365 & SharePoint reports provide actionable insights, so you can make better decisions when controlling your settings, managing your permissions, and complying with policies.

Built-In Reports

With 30+ built-in Office 365 and SharePoint reports at your disposal, monitor every element of your environment and keep track of what users are doing.

Create Your Own Reports

Sharegate allows you to create your own Office 365 & SharePoint reports, save them, and share them with colleagues.
Office 365 & SharePoint Reporting – Built-in and Custom Reports

Powerful Office 365 & SharePoint Security Reporting

Manage Security Settings & Permissions

Sharegate gives you a clear view of all user & group permissions so you can ensure users only access what they should.

Permissions Matrix Report

Instantly see and modify who has access to what, as well as permission levels for all Users and Groups across your environments.

Custom & Explicit Permissions Reports

Find Documents, Lists, and Sites with custom permissions, as well as permissions given explicitly to a single User.

Office 365 External Sharing Reports

Find all Office 365 items that have been shared with External Users, or that contain anonymous guest links.

Actionable Office 365 & SharePoint Reports

Take Immediate Action on Reporting Results

Sharegate enables you to make many quick decisions by allowing actions to be taken on all results, on the spot, and at the same time.

Edit All Lists, Libraries, and Sites

Save time by mass-editing settings in all Sites, Lists, and Libraries simultaneously, without even opening SharePoint.

Export Report Results to Excel

You can export all built-in and custom report results to Excel, and work on them outside SharePoint.

Compliance and Governance Reports

Ensure Users Stay Compliant with Policies

Sharegate enables comprehensive reporting and auditing on all elements that don't comply with policies or governance plans.

Fix All Non-Compliant Items

Find all items that don't comply with policies or governance plans, and fix them all at once.

Follow Compliance Best Practices

Sharegate's Office 365 & SharePoint reports are automatically updated to reflect your industry's best practices.

Office 365 Real Time Alerts

Instant Email Notifications for Important Events
Sharegate Online alerts you when something important is happening in your Office 365 so you stay in control of your Tenant.
More than 10,000 companies trust Sharegate and save time reporting on their environments.