Office 365 & SharePoint Migration Tool

Simplify & Accelerate Your Migration Process

Migrate Directly to the Latest SharePoint or Office 365

Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 or Office 365 faster, and without any downtime.
Office 365 migration tool

Move Your Business to Office 365 Faster

SharePoint 2016 Online migration tool

Upgrade directly to SharePoint 2016

File Share Migration to SharePoint or Office 365

Migrate File Shares to SharePoint or Office 365

Will Sharegate Support My Migration?

Supported Scenario You're Good to Go! You can migrate your environments!
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Limited Scenario Only List Items and Document Migration is supported for this Target.
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Limited Scenario You can export Lists, Libraries, and Sites, and their content. Read More
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Sharegate Fully Supports

Migrate File Shares to SharePoint and Office 365

Import your File Shares with a simple drag and drop, while preserving all the metadata and permissions.

Inventory Your Environments

Inventory SharePoint & File Share content to get all the important details you need to estimate the effort required by your migration project.

Unlimited Data Migration

With Sharegate there's no limit to your migration: move Sites, Lists, Libraries, Documents, etc. Do it as often as you need using a simple drag and drop motion.

Automate Your SharePoint Migration

Use Powershell to script and schedule your SharePoint migration projects, while avoiding downtime and the risk of human error.

Nintex Workflows & Forms Migration
Move your business processes within SharePoint, or to Office 365, and preserve their integrity. Sharegate is the only recommended Nintex migration Partner.

Pre & Post-Migration Reporting

Preview potential errors in order to fix them before your migration and get a thorough report of your completed migration.

Always Included with Sharegate
Unlimited Office 365 & SharePoint data migration tool.

Unlimited Data Migration

No Server Installation required for Office 365 & SharePoint migration.

No Server Installation

Unlimited SharePoint & Office 365 migration Phone & Email Support

Unlimited Phone & Email Support