Get Insanely Powerful Features with Sharegate''s Office 365 & SharePoint Migration Tool

Unlimited Office 365 & SharePoint Migration

There is no shortcut to a successful migration, but there is definitely a SharePoint migration tool that makes it substantially simpler. Copy SharePoint Lists, Libraries, Sites, Workflows, and Documents with the click of a button.

Migrating to SharePoint or Office 365 Has Never Been Easier

Office 365

From SharePoint to Office 365

Migrate from previous SharePoint versions to SharePoint 2016

From SharePoint to SharePoint

Copy File Shares to SharePoint 2016 or Office 365

From File Shares to SharePoint or Office 365

Google Drive

From Google Drive to SharePoint or Office 365

Migration Between SharePoint Versions is Simpler than Ever

Migrate your entire site to SharePoint 2016 using our SharePoint migration tool

Full Site Migration

Migrate your entire SharePoint Site and keep its integrity during the move with a single motion. Simply drag & drop your Site.
Granular Migration: Choose what to copy to SharePoint 2016

Granular Migration

Pick & Choose the Site Objects you want to migrate from one SharePoint to another. (Lists, Libraries, Workflows, Content Types, etc.)
Migrate Site Collections

Migrate Site Collections

Connect to your central administration and easily migrate all your Site Collections at once to your target environment.

Migrate Sites and Subsites

Move SharePoint Sites and Subsites to another location in a heartbeat.

Change List URLs and Names

Customize your Lists and change their name and URL directly in Sharegate.

Change Site URLs and Names

Personalize your Sites and change their URL or their name in Sharegate.
SharePoint migration tool - Easily promote a site to a site collection

Promote Site to Site Collection

Promote a subsite to a Site Collection in one click.
Change site template while migrating using our SharePoint migration tool

Change Site Template

Modify your Site templates and apply them to your environments.
Merge Existing Sites

Merge Existing Sites

Easily combine existing Sites and merge them into one.




  • Sites
  • Site Navigation
  • Subsites
  • Site Collections
  • Lists & Librairies
  • List Settings
  • Site Collection Settings
  • Site Columns
  • Quick Launch
  • Content Types


  • Web Parts
  • Documents
  • Document Sets
  • Version HIstory
  • List Items
  • Views
  • Pages
  • Metadata
  • Self Lookup
  • Record Libraries
  • Special Calendar Occurences


  • Users in the User Information List
  • Document Security
  • Custom Permissions
  • Permission Levels
  • User Alerts
  • Permissions
  • Groups
Workflows & Actions

Workflows & Actions

  • OOTB Workflows
  • Nintex Workflows
  • InfoPath Forms
  • User Alerts
  • Customized Forms & Views
  • Activate Required Features
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows

Content Migration

Move Your Content

Fast Migration of High Data Volume

Insane Mode is the fastest way to migrate to SharePoint on-premises or Office 365. It also supports incremental migration updates.

Incremental Migration

The Incremental migration automatically migrates only the items that are newer than the ones already in your Sites, saving you a lot of time.

Migrate List Items & Documents

Copy List Items & Documents from any environment to another.

Migrate Folders

Copy or move a complex Folder hierarchy.

Migrate Pages

Drag and drop Pages to migrate from one location to another.

Migrate Document Sets

Copy or migrate any Document Sets between Libraries.

Edit Metadata

Bulk Edit SharePoint Metadata

Clean up and fill out missing metadata using the Bulk Metadata Editor. Import & export metadata with Excel.

Enrich Metadata Through Excel

Enrich your content metadata with Excel, empowering your content owners to take part in the migration.

Map Folder Names to Metadata

Simply assign your folder names as your document metadata when moving them using our SharePoint migration tool.

Remap Existing Content

Users & Groups

You can reassign new Users and Groups on everything that is moved during the migration by easily mapping your existing Users and Groups to the new ones on the destination Site.

Content Types

Easily remap Content Types between source and destination.

Permission Levels

Change permission levels and remap them to your needs.

Site Templates

Map Site Templates to another one while migrating.

List Columns (Map Properties)

Remap multiple SharePoint Columns without losing the metadata.

Preserve All Information Throughout the Office 365 or SharePoint Migration Process

Created By & Modified By Information

Migrate your content and preserve created by and modified by information.

Created & Modified Date

Conserve all System Properties when moving content.

SharePoint Permissions

Retain SharePoint permissions when migrating from one version to another.

Web Parts

Keep Web Parts as they were without encountering issues.

Lookup Values

Preserve your List and Library lookup values.

Approval Status

Retain Approval Status with authors and timestamps.

File System Permissions (NTFS)

Keep your file permissions while migrating.

Version History

Safeguard List Items and Document version history.

Migrate List Attachments

Copy or migrate SharePoint List Attachments.


Correct Links

Automatically rewrite all your links to reflect your new SharePoint URLs.

Flatten Folder Hierarchy

Remove your folder hierarchy during the copy.

Extract PDF Properties

Preserve PDF properties

Replace Illegal Characters

Replace illegal characters during your SharePoint move.

Limit Version History to Migrate

Choose to only migrate the last so-many versions of your List Items and Documents.

Filter Content with Date Range

Target the content you want to migrate by applying a date range filter.

Extract Office Document Properties

Extract any property from Office documents and assign them as metadata.

Convert Folders into Document Sets

Turn your folders into Document Sets.

Copy SharePoint Lists, Documents, Sites, Sites Collections and More

Copy SharePoint Lists, Documents, Sites and Sites Collections

Copy Content

Copy and move content like SharePoint Lists, Documents and Libraries inside and out of your SharePoint or Office 365 environments.

Copy SharePoint Site Objects

Easily copy your SharePoint Sites from one SharePoint to another version or Office 365; a quick and simple way to rethink your architecture.

Copy Site Collections

Easily copy SharePoint Site Collections to another location. Find the same Site Collections on the target.

Key Sharegate Features

No server install required

No Server Installation

Unlimited Data Migration

Unlimited Data Migration

Upgrade Directly to SharePoint 2016

Migrate Directly to Any Version

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Online Training and Documentation

Online Training & Documentation

Migration Automation & Scripting

Automation & Scripting

Script your migration with Powershell and schedule it with Windows Task Scheduler.

Script Your Migration

Script your migration project and run it multiple times to test it without the risk of human error.

Comprehensive Migration Reporting

Pre-Migration Check Report

Run the Pre-Migration Check Report to preview errors and fix them, ensuring your real migration will run without problems.

Inventory Your Environments

Use the Inventory report to get all the important details needed to estimate your next File Shares & SharePoint migration project.

Migration Report

Get a thorough report on how your migration went.

Save Reports to Excel

Easily save and share reports through Excel.

Sharegate Works With

SharePoint 2016
Office 365
One Drive for Business
Google Drive
  • SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016
  • Office 365 (E1/E3/E4)
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Google Drive

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